September fitness challenge

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It’s back-to-school season, and you know what that means; back to gym class and forced physical activity. We all know that when the sun is shining and we have all that vacation time we get way more activity than we do the rest of the year. Normally, I’m no different. It’s natural to want to be outside and active when the days are beautiful and long. Before you fall into your old patterns take a look at the activities you enjoyed this summer and then find ways to keep that passion alive all year long. Continue reading


Roasted Carrots With Balsamic and Feta

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I can practically smell it, fall is right around the corner, and I’ve been craving one of my fall favorite recipes lately. I picked this up a few years back at a friends house, they had invite my mother, my new husband, and I over for dinner. They have a beautiful home set on a large plot of land buried in the woods. At night, it was pitch dark. The land used to be used for a summer camp, I think, but they’ve refurbished all of the individuals buildings into a cozy, expansive home. For dinner they smoked Cornish hens in a Big Green Egg, and served it with pickled beets, roasted fingerling potatoes, and these delicious roasted carrots with feta cheese and a balsamic drizzle. I’m not big on beats, and while the bird was absolutely delicious, bone-in meal are never really my favorite, but those carrots were magic. I think I went back for seconds. Continue reading

Sloppy Joes

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Sloppy Joe ingredientsLately, in my efforts to be healthier, I’ve been looking for sneaky ways to move red meat out of my diet, and more vegetables, while still enjoy the same types of foods I was eating before. I also hate using the seasoning packets at the grocery store because the contain things like MSG, and tons of sugar and salt. This week, my husband and I were both craving sloppy joes, and I remembered this recipe I had created a few years ago that substituted lean ground turkey for the ground beef, snuck in some extra veggies, and with a mostly from scratch sauce. So, I figured I would share it with all of you. Continue reading

August Fitness Challenge

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Can you believe summer is almost over? I do not feel like I’ve taken full advantage of the summer season, even with my earlier shifts at work. Though I did just travel to Mexico, and I got my husband to the pool for the first time a few weeks ago, AND I’ve been getting to rooftop yoga at the gym every other week. So often, we are doing so much and feeling like we aren’t doing enough. Am I right? While I was on my trip this past week, I ate SO MUCH FOOD. One of my travel mates kept talking about how she would need to workout twice as hard when she got home to lose all the weight she was sure she was gaining while we were there. That attitude annoyed me a bit because, while I am concerned about my weight and I do watch what I eat, I don’t like thinking of working out as a punishment or penalty for overeating. I also felt that with as much walking and sweating we were doing, it would all balance out in the end. When I got home I stepped on a scale out of curiosity and I was right. I hadn’t lost or gained weight during my trip. It all balances out. Continue reading

June Fitness Challenge

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We are well in to summer now. Can you feel it? It being the summer sun beating down on your skin while you run around doing whatever fun summer things you love to do! There is always so much to do when the sun is out, I don’t normally feel that way in the winter. I’m noticing it more and more each day as my standing weekly plans get rescheduled because someone, or many someones have conflicts. Or worse, when I break plans with myself to take advantage of the summer weather and activities around town.

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5 Early Morning Exercises To A Healthier You

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This week I have a great guest post about fitness from Iris Tan. You can check out her blog here. We’ve been talking a lot in the past about reaching your goals, and you know each month I keep you updated with my own fitness challenges. I think her post is a great collection of ideas on how to incorporate what we’ve been working easily into your own daily life.

Discover Early Morning Exercises For A Healthier You

Feel amazing and look amazing at the same time!

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How to make Rice-A-Roni Wild Rice Mix: a copy cat recipe

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I love summer! The sun on my skin and the wind in my hair, driving with the windows down, vinyl records playing with the windows and blinds all the way up to let in the sunshine. It’s amazing how different a sunny day can make you feel. Kind of like comfort food for the skin. You know what they say, we are all just plants with more complicated emotions. While I’ve definitely been kicking up my heels in this beautiful sunshine, I’ve also been doing a lot of cooking, for you guys of course. A few weeks ago I posted one of my favorite recipes ever, my dad’s Nixon Chicken Casserole recipe, and I mentioned that I like to pair it with Rice-A-Roni Wild Rice Mix. I’ve mentioned this recipe a few times it feels like, and it really is my go to side with just about everything, so I figured I would share it with you all. Continue reading