Jack’s Caesar Salad

Hey readers!

This post is a long time coming. I’ve mentioned the recipe I’m about to share with you in so many other posts, and now it’s finally here. Caesar salad was the first thing I ever learned how make, and I learned it by watching my daddy make it over and over again. I was always his little sidekick, holding his bowl steady, adding ingredients, taste testing. One year for Christmas, I asked my dad for copies of his recipes as my Christmas gift, I didn’t want anything else. I was a little spoiled, so he was a little confused, but I insisted, all I wanted from him for Christmas was our family recipes. He gave me a few that I cherish, including the Nixon chicken casserole recipe, and his fried chicken recipe, but this is my real pride and joy. Continue reading


3 year anniversary: 10 things about me.

Hey Readers!

The all knowing Facebook informed me of an important anniversary today and I suddenly felt guilty and delinquent. Three years ago today, I made my first post for Cherries, Chocolate and Dirt. It was an introductory post, about why I wanted to blog and the impact I wanted to make. We’ve come so far, and I have veered from my course at times, but that is life right? You make a plan, and life changes and grows from that, but rarely sticks to it.

Now, looking back on the last few years, I can honestly say that I still love this project, and the community I am building here. I am still just as passionate about wine, food, and everything involved with that as I was when I started, if not more so, and I can see how my explorations have directly improved my life and the lives of those around me.

So, Story Time! Continue reading

Wine About Town

Hey Readers!

Hope you’re having a great January!

We saw our first real snow fall yesterday, and, even though it didn’t stick, it certainly got me into a winter-y mood. I love enjoying a warming glass of red wine while watching snow fall. It just feels right. Continue reading

Wine About Town

Hey Everybody!

The first week of the new year, do you have any big plans?  I know I will be keeping busy, kicking my resolutions in to high gear and spending extra time on work and my health to try to build good habits.Also, My mother comes home this week from Africa! I am so excited to see her after three weeks and to finally get to celebrate my engagement with the most important woman in my life. (<3 you mom!) Continue reading

Wine About Town

Hey All!

Hope you had a fantastic Christmas Holiday. I had a great time with my boyfriends family in Richmond, and can’t wait for New Year’s Eve this week. We already talked about Sparkling wines, so I hope you have yours line up. I will be making some last minute recommendations if you haven’t and showing you how to properly open a bottle of sparkling wine this week.

Also, I do have one tasting at the Kroger in the Rio Hill Shopping center in Charlottesville, Va on 12/31 New Year’s Eve. We will be tasting out sparkling wines and some others, so I hope you can stop by.

Happy Sipping!