The Science of Smell

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I was struck this week by the intoxicating smells of christmas, cinnamon cookies, roasting turkey, pine and mint, and yet again I was curious about how we as humans smell things. So, I figured I would look into it an share it with you as the next extension of our exploration into food and wine.

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Horizontal vs vertical tasting

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to host a horizontal wine dinner. A few weeks before that, I got to participate in a vertical tasting. While I was inviting people to my dinner, I often was asked what a horizontal dinner was, and then what a vertical tasting was when I used it as a contrast for definition. This made me realize I love in a unique bubble hear in Virginia where the wine community is large enough that I can find “my people” around every corner and attend these types of events, but small enough that this knowledge isn’t common. Which means it’s sharing time. Continue reading

New Zealand Wine Guild Tasting

This week had the awesome opportunity to pour wines for the Wine Guild in Charlottesville. I do this about once a month and it is always a great time. This week I thought I might share the wines with you all. The theme for this weeks wine tasting was New Zealand and featured three vineyards, Alan Scott, Lawson’s, which are both in the sub-region of Marlborough and Trinity Hill which resides in Hawke’s Bay. These two regions have very distinct soil types which lead to very specific flavor profiles in the glass. Continue reading

So you want to be a wine snob

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Hey Readers!

We’ve been talking a bit about resolutions and starting the new year off right by really setting obtainable goals, so I figured I would talk a bit about something that I’m asked about a lot at events. How I gained my wine knowledge; i.e.. Knowing the details about varietals, specific wines and vineyards, and being able to pull out flavors on both the nose and palate of a product. Continue reading

Color and Terroir: In Action [Pictures to come later]

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[I just got a new computer!! So I am still transferring over my pictures and programs, but the pictures will be up soon!]

I am very lucky. Some people have luck with games, or horses, or cards, and my luck (as it happens) is with opportunities.  A few weeks back, I hypothesized that color was just as connected to terroir as flavor and nose. To me, this makes perfect sense. Given how interconnected the entire wine make process is, and how many different facets of the end results are derived from the skins, seeds, and stems of the fruit; it would only make sense for the color to be impacted by the same processes that impact scent and palate. However, I had never seen any proof. Until I did. Continue reading

Wine About Town

Hey Everyone, 

As the holidays ramp up the wine industry hits is busiest season, so I’m sorry my posts have been few and far between. I’ve hardly had enough time to sit, let alone gather my thoughts long enough to type them out. This week is no different. If you regularly shop at any Kroger stores, you’ll know that this week marks there December case sale. I will be pouring wine at three different locations this week.  Continue reading

Thanksgiving Table Pairings

Hey All!

So in my excitement on Sunday, I forgot to actually talk about thanksgiving paired wines, which is the biggest part of fall foods. Luckily, I have plenty more recommendations for the best day of the year (IMHO)

I don’t know about your family, but mine tend to drink for the holidays. Usually my mother and I start the afternoon with some bubbly while I clean and prep the bird for roasting, moving on to some whites when the family arrives and drinking red with actual dinner finishing off with something sweet (still or bubbly) with desert. We usually have at least 8 people around for the day and everyone stays the night, so the gratuitous drinking is perfectly acceptable. This year will be different, but that is to be expected with all of the changes we have gone through in just the last 5 months. (I can’t believe its already been 5 months.)

None the less, I have some fantastic pairing suggestions for you no matter your holiday drinking style.  Continue reading