Happy Labor Day

Hey Readers!

Happy Labor Day! I think this is the first time my husband and I are working at jobs that actually observes Labor Day, and I’m pretty excited. We were able to take our long weekend and go to South Carolina to celebrate a friends birthday and just relax. Is this what being a grown up feels like? The nerdy side of me wanted to know more about why I had this lovely day off, so I did some research. Continue reading


World Humanitarian Day

Hey Readers!

I know we are pretty loose and free on this blog most of the time. Sometimes I get in my feelings and get a little more heavy, and today will be one of those days. Fifteen years ago, today, 22 humanitarian aid workers were killed in a bomb attack on the canal hotel in Baghdad, Iraq. Five years later, the General Assembly of the United Nations designated this day, August 19th, as World Humanitarian Day to honor the countless humanitarian aid workers who risk and lose their lives in service to others. Continue reading

Don’t Hate, Communicate

Dont Hate, Communicate 1

The memorial for Heather Heyer on Charlottesville’s Free Speech wall. I do not know the artist, but I would love to give them credit. Photo taken by myself on 8/21.

If you’ve been following the news this past weekend I’m sure you’ve heard about the rallies and terrorist attack that occurred in Charlottesville, Virginia; my current home. You’ve heard about the white supremacists marching across the UVA Lawn, throwing the Nazi salute at statues of Thomas Jefferson, and shouting cries of blood and soil, and white lives matter. Continue reading