How To Improve Your Sense of Smell

Hey Readers!

This week I want to talk a bit more about senses, in particular the sense of smell, and how we can improve ours.

We talked a few weeks ago about how our sniffers work, and how we smell things, and I mentioned that the sense of smell is the most fragile of our senses in that once it is gone, it is often impossible to reclaim. It is also one of the most impactful if we do lose it, as we often take for granted the pleasure of smelling our favorite foods, our favorite flowers, and even our favorite people. We receive so much information on a daily basis through all of our senses, it is unimaginable to be without one, but can you imagine if your senses were even stronger? That’s what I’m proposing now. Continue reading


The Science of Smell

Hey Readers!

I was struck this week by the intoxicating smells of christmas, cinnamon cookies, roasting turkey, pine and mint, and yet again I was curious about how we as humans smell things. So, I figured I would look into it an share it with you as the next extension of our exploration into food and wine.

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