Thanksgiving Table Pairings

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So in my excitement on Sunday, I forgot to actually talk about thanksgiving paired wines, which is the biggest part of fall foods. Luckily, I have plenty more recommendations for the best day of the year (IMHO)

I don’t know about your family, but mine tend to drink for the holidays. Usually my mother and I start the afternoon with some bubbly while I clean and prep the bird for roasting, moving on to some whites when the family arrives and drinking red with actual dinner finishing off with something sweet (still or bubbly) with desert. We usually have at least 8 people around for the day and everyone stays the night, so the gratuitous drinking is perfectly acceptable. This year will be different, but that is to be expected with all of the changes we have gone through in just the last 5 months. (I can’t believe its already been 5 months.)

None the less, I have some fantastic pairing suggestions for you no matter your holiday drinking style.  Continue reading


Delicious Fall Pairings

With All Hallows Eve recently past and most pockets over flowing with fresh sweet treats, I had intended to post a wine and candy pairing post. However, I have read so many of those in the past few days that it would feel like cheating. Instead, I’m going to share some wine and food pairing recommendations that are made for fall foods, perhaps some candy included.
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#WineWednesday has returned!

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Sunday I explained why I have been AWOL for the last few months, but that doesn’t mean I have forgotten what I promised in my last post; great examples of wines that exceed expectations for their varietal. With some of the varietals I mentioned; rose wines, and Americanized Rieslings, it isn’t too hard to exceed expectations because standards are set so low, however, I have found more than a few exceptional examples, and I actually had to deliberate a bit. I think I have chosen well, so read on!
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Rim Variation, Gas Evidence, and Sediment

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I have to be honest, I had pre-planned most of my post topics with very little consideration for possible events that would correlate with my subjects. To my surprise, so far this has definitely worked out in my favor!

This week I want to talk about Rim Variation, Gas Evidence, and Sediment. These are three very different topics with very different causes, so hopefully this flows well. If not, I’ll break it up. I have the fantastic opportunity to express two of these three topics with evidence from a vertical tasting I will be attending tomorrow at Barboursville Vineyards. Continue reading

Clarity and Brightness

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This week, I am excited to talk about clarity and brightness, the first two qualities we examine when beginning a formal tasting evaluation. While unassuming and apparently basic, both of these qualities can tell us a lot about our wine and foods. The level of clarity informs us to particulates that may be found. Brightness, meaning the level of luminescence of the subject, can tell us a variety of things depending on the subject itself.

Michael Shaps WIne Works L. Scott new release deep ruby red wine with slight cloudiness and a dreamy body.

Michael Shaps Wine Works’ new release, L. Scott, is a deep ruby red wine with slight cloudiness and a dreamy body.

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Comparing the soils of Spain!

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Sunday I challenged you all to pick up a couple of foods and compare them. Whether they were different foods from the same location or the same food from different locations. I chose to do different foods from the same location, Spain!

Barcelona, Spain

Now, aside from being a beautiful country full of fantastic architecture, and immense religious and historical significance; Spain has a long history of a being a popular food destination. The country is well-known for its varied and creative cooking styles, in fact, they were the first to add sugar to natural cocoa, giving us the chocolate we know today. Spain is recognized as the birthplace of Tapas, and they produce everything from apples to wine.

So, I decided to pick a few popular food and beverage exports from Spain to compare for you as my entry to my challenge.  Continue reading

Why does a sensory exploration grid work?

Hello again!

This past week I challenged you to compare two chocolate bars, Hershey’s and something with a single origin. I would love to know if you accepted my challenge, and what your findings were, so please post in the comments below! I did complete the challenge myself and you can see my findings here.

This week I want to talk about sensory exploration worksheets, and explain why I keep bringing these up. Continue reading