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Finding Your Happy

I originally started this project as a terroir driven wine and food blog written from a scientific perspective. Things were going smoothly, and then life changed. Both of my father figures passed away, I lost my job, got married, and the world outside my window tipped sideways. I lost my sense of self, my passion and joie de vivre. Now, I’m on a mission to find my purpose and redefine happy. Knowing I do better with a support system, I’ve decided to restart here and share my journey with the world.

I write from personal experience so that others looking for answers might learn something from my mistakes and successes.

A Bit About the Author:

Student of everything, master of none, Jessica Dyer was born and cultivated in the suburbs of Richmond, Virginia, capitol of the south; a town dedicated to its civil war heroes and small town feel. She started learning about wine and cooking at an early age. Her mother took her to her first memorable wine tasting at the ripe age of thirteen. In one day, on the island of Santorini, Greece, they hit all seven vineyards. Jessica, being an american child of only thirteen, thought all but the saccharine communion wines were too bitter for her immature palate, and opted to play in the rain with the stray puppies. Her father, a chef, was locally known for his soups and fried green tomatoes, and taught her the blessing of a homemade meal and local Hanover tomatoes.

Jessica grew to be an unrepentant nerd. She geeks at level 10 about all things, even those she barely comprehends, and strives to learn everything she can about her interests with abandon. Her personal areas of nerdom, topics about which she could talk endlessly include:

Harry Potter
Food & Cooking
Health & Fitness
Sociology issues

She has many other interests too, all of which she intends to explore more here, with the intention of finding what thrills her and her purpose in life.

Dungeons and Dragons
Comics & the Movies based on them
Tarot and Wiccan practices
Bullet journaling

She is seeking support from readers with a curiosity and hunger for life and all of it’s quirks. Those who have a path or are looking for direction. In particular, she wants to help people gain self-sufficiency; to be able to cook for themselves, pick wine confidently, have their own opinions, and reach for their own goals. She has always found it easier to learn by teaching.

For those who are local, she offers meal planning classes, meal prepping classes, and cooking classes in your own home. These classes will help you save money and time, reduce food waste and stress, build confidence, and help you lose weight. Please reach out to with any questions or to set an appointment for a consultation.

“I am so excited to begin on this new journey with all of you, and to see where we are this time next year!”


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