How To: Track Travel Goals in a Bullet Journal

Hey Readers!

I just got back from a mini-vacation with my husband. We had the opportunity to travel south and enjoy the South Carolina coast with our dear friends who live down that way. During our 5 hour drive, we got to talking about how much we enjoy traveling and how excited we are to be able to do more and more traveling now that we both have jobs that allow for it. We even started planning a few weekend trips for the winter. Now, we all know that I’m a list maker, and Bullet Journal junkie. For a while now, I have been tracking my wanderlust list, the one I posted way back when, in my Bullet Journal to help me keep track of these goals.

If you haven’t read my Wanderlust post, you can check it out here, but essentially Wanderlust is a German word referring to the intense desire to travel and explore the world. As part of my mini-obsession with lists and goal tracking, I like to keep track of my travel goals in my bullet journal. Why not, right? Work my new book, I’ve been looking for some new ways to incorporate this list, and wanted to share those ideas with you.


I choose to utilize a list format for my wanderlust page. Specifically, I list the places I want to visit soon regardless of distance. If I think I can get there in the next year or even five years, it goes on my list. I’ve seen some other great ways to break up the larger list into categories. Some journalers break their list into regions, like continents or domestic and international. Others choose to list the places they’ve been.



One idea I really like but haven’t been able to Incorporate myself is using a map. I love the idea of a map that you color in or reveal as you visit places or there’s even one where you cross stitch over the states and countries you’ve visited! I’m planning to incorporate a layout like this in future books.

So, how do you feed your wanderlust, or do you not feel the drive? What’s the farthest distance you’ve traveled? Do you prefer to drive or fly? What’s the next place on your list? I love hearing from you so please comment below or email me at!