Spider’s Revenge by Jennifer Estep

Spiders revenge.jpgSpider’s Revenge by Jennifer Estep

Hey Readers!

Happy International Literacy Day! You know I love my obscure holidays, but this one has been around for a while in 1966 the UNESCO center founded International Literacy Day to help spread the word about an international crisis, illiteracy. Thomas Jefferson said, “An educated citizenry is a vital requisite for our survival as a free people.” I take this quote to heart in all my efforts, whether they be here with this blog, in my community with my non-profit, or even at work and home. This year UNESCO’s theme for International Literacy Day is creating a culture of literacy. Continue reading


How To: Track Travel Goals in a Bullet Journal

Hey Readers!

I just got back from a mini-vacation with my husband. We had the opportunity to travel south and enjoy the South Carolina coast with our dear friends who live down that way. During our 5 hour drive, we got to talking about how much we enjoy traveling and how excited we are to be able to do more and more traveling now that we both have jobs that allow for it. We even started planning a few weekend trips for the winter. Now, we all know that I’m a list maker, and Bullet Journal junkie. For a while now, I have been tracking my wanderlust list, the one I posted way back when, in my Bullet Journal to help me keep track of these goals. Continue reading

Happy Labor Day

Hey Readers!

Happy Labor Day! I think this is the first time my husband and I are working at jobs that actually observes Labor Day, and I’m pretty excited. We were able to take our long weekend and go to South Carolina to celebrate a friends birthday and just relax. Is this what being a grown up feels like? The nerdy side of me wanted to know more about why I had this lovely day off, so I did some research. Continue reading

September fitness challenge

Hey Readers!

It’s back-to-school season, and you know what that means; back to gym class and forced physical activity. We all know that when the sun is shining and we have all that vacation time we get way more activity than we do the rest of the year. Normally, I’m no different. It’s natural to want to be outside and active when the days are beautiful and long. Before you fall into your old patterns take a look at the activities you enjoyed this summer and then find ways to keep that passion alive all year long. Continue reading