Slow Roasted Herbed Pork Ribs

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Summer is almost over, but grilling season is still going strong. Unfortunately, my tiny apartment does not have any outside space, so I don’t get to grill out often. But, what I miss in grilling I make up for with my oven game. This week along, we have enjoyed brats, steaks, and now my infamous dry rubbed pork ribs. Every now and then our local grocery store has an amazing deal on pork ribs and I always try to stock up on a rack or two when that happens. I don’t always love ribs, and I almost never enjoy them at a restaurant, but I love them when I make them. I’ve taken the time to perfect my personal recipe and cooking method through lots of trial and error, so I hope you enjoy these bad boys as much as I do. Continue reading


Bullet Journal Productivity and Motivation

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If you’ve been following along, you will know that a while back felt overwhelmed by the amount of work I was doing for Bullet Journal, and underwhelmed by my results and resulting productivity. I feel like it’s a human struggle to always be looking for greater motivation and greater productivity in our daily lives. We’re always so pressured to do so much, which is why self-care and productivity tools are so important these days. A couple of posts back, I did a review of daily and weekly layouts for my bullet Journal, as well as a monthly layout and tracker for my bullet Journal. Over the course of this series, we’ve talked about habit trackers and other ways that I track and try to boost my productivity because I know what works for me. I want to share with you some of these best practices. and a bit of background on how I chose which practices to use and how I decided what things worked and didn’t work for me. Continue reading

World Humanitarian Day

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I know we are pretty loose and free on this blog most of the time. Sometimes I get in my feelings and get a little more heavy, and today will be one of those days. Fifteen years ago, today, 22 humanitarian aid workers were killed in a bomb attack on the canal hotel in Baghdad, Iraq. Five years later, the General Assembly of the United Nations designated this day, August 19th, as World Humanitarian Day to honor the countless humanitarian aid workers who risk and lose their lives in service to others. Continue reading

Out of My Mind by Sharon M. Draper

Out-of-my-mind.jpgOut of My Mind by Sharon M. Draper

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I have a confession. I almost always judge my books by their covers. I’ll admit it, I’m bad about my book choices. So often, I will pick a book strictly by its cover, or even just their titles. Cute cat on the cover? Sounds Lame, I won’t touch it. Kick butt female fighter, most definitely. I do the same thing with wine, and records sometimes, too. Occasionally, this works out in my favor, or at least works well enough. Others, I learn a lesson: cute doesn’t always equal quality. The same can be said for people and this week’s read speaks exactly to that message. When I first read the title, “Out of My Mind,” I thought this book was about a crazy person, or someone who feels like they’re going crazy. In my defense, I enjoy books about brains gone wrong. I find them fascinating, and they open me to very diverse experiences. I wasn’t wrong with this book.

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Roasted Carrots With Balsamic and Feta

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I can practically smell it, fall is right around the corner, and I’ve been craving one of my fall favorite recipes lately. I picked this up a few years back at a friends house, they had invite my mother, my new husband, and I over for dinner. They have a beautiful home set on a large plot of land buried in the woods. At night, it was pitch dark. The land used to be used for a summer camp, I think, but they’ve refurbished all of the individuals buildings into a cozy, expansive home. For dinner they smoked Cornish hens in a Big Green Egg, and served it with pickled beets, roasted fingerling potatoes, and these delicious roasted carrots with feta cheese and a balsamic drizzle. I’m not big on beats, and while the bird was absolutely delicious, bone-in meal are never really my favorite, but those carrots were magic. I think I went back for seconds. Continue reading

How To: Make a Diaper Cake

How To: Make a Diaper Cake

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Are you surrounded by new babies? Because, I sure am! I don’t have any children myself, yet, but my friends are all having babies, and my husband has caught the fever, so I’m sure it won’t be too long now. That being said, I’m in no hurry to have my own, though I do enjoy the baby showers and snuggling the little ones. It’s all still so foreign to me. Children really are just small humans, with speech impediments and bladder control issues. I love getting to know each and every one of my friends kids, and I can not wait to watch them grow up into fully functioning adults. First one to call me Aunt, wins my love.

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Smelling Oak in Wine

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stack of barrel

Recently, I’ve been strong arming my friends into drinking more Chardonnay. This isn’t because I particularly love Chardonnay myself, but it is the most versatile style of wine. Chardonnay is essential a blank canvas for a winemaker’s personal style. Unlike other wine varietals, it doesn’t have a lot of flavor on its own, so the implements used by a winemaker really have the opportunity to shine and showcase their knowledge and skill. Through this exploration of Chardonnay, I’ve had the opportunity to explain the various impacts of oak aging on wine, especially Chardonnay, and the differences that even the origin of the oak can create. Continue reading