How to Plan Your Month with a Bullet Journal

Hey Readers!

Its that time of year again. I have nearly filled up my bullet journal and just ordered my new one from Amazon. It’s like Christmas morning for me, planning my new layouts and what things I will include in this book. Seeing what works and what doesn’t always gives me a fresh burst of motivation. Every time this purchase comes around I look into other journal options and every time I stick with my personal favorite, and 8.5 x 5 Leuchtturm1917. I just love the layout: the dot spacing, the built-in table of contents and the perforated pages in the back. These notebooks also include a useful pocket in the back and sewn in color coordinated bookmarks. It simply has everything that I need, and nothing that I don’t want. (Pardon the double negative) I’ve talked about these books before in my Intro to Bullet Journaling post as well as a few others, but Goulet Pens has a great video that goes over all of the features. This time around I chose to go with a bright berry color, which is one of about twenty different shades to choose from.

As I mentioned, right now I am working on my new layouts, particularly my month at a glance layouts, which are a great way to see everything you have going on for an entire month. When I first started bullet journaling, I used a very different layout than I do now. The old layout was much more streamlined, and actually refers back to the original bullet journal key tenets. In the original layout, you number one through however many days in the month down the long margin of the page, and then notate the day of the week next to each day. Once the calendar is made you could list any appointments, anniversaries, plans or etc. in the large margin to the right. It is a very clean and simple layout, that was great when I was getting the hang of things, but as I got more creative and ambitious with my journal, I wanted something a little prettier.

My current layout looks like a calendar spread. There is about the same amount of space per day and I really like the aesthetic. When filling out my monthly layout I reference my future log for any long-standing plans and things like birthdays and anniversaries. I also include pay days, important work meetings, gym classes, and my personal scheduled days off. I also opted to add in an additional page for things like a To-do List and monthly Goals, as well as a section for notes from the month, and a motivational quote. I coordinate my monthly goals with my level 10 life, and my monthly to-do’s with my 90 Day goals and my monthly goals. I color coordinate my goals so I know which category they relate to and how much time I’m devoting to the different aspects of my life. Basically, if I see way more orange (my color for cleaning) than purple (my color for fun), I know I need to schedule more fun things for myself.

How do you plan out your month in advance? What do you include when looking toward the future? What do you think of my layouts? Will you implement these tips in your bullet journal, or are you just getting started? Do you have any other bullet journal questions you’d like for me to answer? I love hearing from you so please comment below or email me at!