Legend by Marie Lu

Legend by Marie Lu

Hey Readers!

This week I am reviewing a fantastic young adult novel by a super charismatic author that I follow on Goodreads: Legend by Marie Lu. I originally picked up this book to fill my PopSugar challenge category: a book where the main character is a different ethnicity than you, but I stayed for the story. I downloaded the book through Overdrive, my library’s online database as an audio book, and the story was really compelling. When I finish a book at work now, I feel compelled to find the next in this series. Unfortunately I have myself on a pretty tight reading schedule, so I haven’t given in yet, but I am definitely looking forward to the next installment.

In June’s universe the Republic, what was once Western United States, is the supreme country defending its right to exist and it’s people against external invader and internal insurgents. Having been groomed from youth to be an ideal leader, and follower, she is on the straight and narrow path to military success, until her brother, and only family member is murdered by the country’s most wanted criminal, Day. The two fall in to a cat and mouse chase, a la Ben and Jerry, while June seeks vengeance and Day seeks only the truth. You’ll have to read to find out who finds what they seek.

This was a great young adult fiction. I really enjoyed the themes of repetition, and the references to America’s founding in the Republic. The characters are fully formed and complex and environment is very elaborate. Not only is Marie Lu a character on the page, and her personality and thoughts certainly shine through in her writing style, but she is just as vibrant with her social media and I love that. I have been following her as a Goodreads Author since I added this book to my list last year, and she is amazing. She is a woman of substance, with a background in computer science, and a passion for dystopian fiction. As a female writer, and aspiring published novelist, I love the way she lifts up other authors, no matter their background, but especially makes a stand for other writers of color.

If you loved this first installment as much as I did, I’m sure you’re chomping at the bit to get you hand on Prodigy by Marie Lu, the next installment in the Legend series. Maybe now you’ll figure out just what the Republic is up to.

If you love dystopian fiction as much as myself and Marie Lu, read the original Uglies by Scott Westerfeld. This is a series of about 6 books, set far in the future and built on the bones of a country you know and love. The imagery and energy of Uglies, and the whole series, is impactful and speaks loud and clear to an up and coming generation.

My final recommendation is one that I am taking from Marie Lu herself. As I mentioned, I follow her on Goodreads and she spoke so highly of The Cruel Prince by Holly Black, that I couldn’t not recommend it. I haven’t read it myself, so if you don’t like it blame Lu, but given her writing, I trust her.



So, have you read Legend or any of Marie Lu’s other novels before? What about any of the other recommendations? Are you a fan of Dystopian fiction, or does it tend to ring a bit close to home in this day and age? As always, I love hearing what you have to say so please comment below or email me at cherrieschocolateanddirt@gmail.com!