Honey Basil Vinaigrette

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With these warm days, summer seems right around the corner, and I can’t wait. In the summer, I love to eat big salads with fresh ingredients from my mom’s garden, or just tomatoes with dressing on top. I’m a sucker for a perfect sunny yellow tomato. For me, a serving bowl of garden picked, fresh chopped salad with an inappropriate amount of dressing, some homemade croutons and a whole chopped tomato is close to heaven. I have never been a dressing on the side type of girl, unless I’m having a hand salad. Don’t know what that is?  Click here for a picture.


Hand Salad

A hand salad with yogurt lemon dressing from Bon appetit magazine.


Summers also get me in the habit of making my own dressings and salsa from scratch. I use a Ninja food processor, procured from Walmart for around $20, to chop, shred, mix and emulsify my dressings to the perfect consistency. This little mixer has quickly become the VIP of my kitchen, and it’s so easy to use and clean. It even has its own storing lid. This sucker can whip up a beautiful creamy vinaigrette in seconds, and the combinations are endless. This year I signed up for a C.S.A, community sustained agriculture, and so all of my produce is grown locally, and my herbs are pick your own. First dressing on the table with be this Honey Herb Vinaigrette. 

Last summer my best friend asked me to try to copycat the honey herb vinaigrette from Brixx, a local stonefire pizza establishment. I searched and searched across the internet for something similar in description, and even asked for their recipe, but to no avail. Having never tasted the dressing myself, I decided to simply whip something up and see how close I was. This is my concoction, and I think it is quite tasty though it is definitely not the copy cat that was requested. I did eventually get to taste the original and mine is similar but different. Obviously, I prefer mine. This dressing is not only great for summer salads, but it also makes a great marinade for fish and chicken. This acidity helps break down all the tough bits so whatever meat you use is melt in your mouth tender.

To make this recipe you will first roughly chop your herbs and garlic. The machine will do the mincing for you. Once you have your dry ingredients roughly chopped, you will combine everything in the food processor and let it whip. In just a few seconds, the dressing should look creamy and should be relatively viscous. Feel free to change up the seasonings to suit your taste. If you do not have an emulsifier, a blender, or a food processor, you can make this dressing by hand. You would finely mince all of your herbs and garlic on a cutting board, or even grind them with a mortar and pestle and then whisk them together with your oil and acid until the dressing emulsifies. It takes more arm strength but it entirely doable.

Honey Herb Vinaigrette

What did you think of this salad dressing? Have you made salad dressing like this from scratch before? What are you favorite add-ins? What do you put in and on your salad? Do you usually have salad as a side or an entree? If you try this recipe, let me know what you think below or email me at cherrieschocolateanddirt@gmail.com!


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  1. Susan benshoff says:

    Still don’t know what a hand salad is. There was no photo. For me I just prefer to put sesame oil on the salad and then lemon juice, then some fresh dill and a little salt. Any veggies that are in the fridge work. Maybe a cut up apple or dried craisins. Don’t forget the feta. Everything is better with feta. And some kind of seeds. Sunflower or pumpkin. Serve with a lovely Sangiovese


    • Ooops! I’ve fixed that now. I’ve had your salads before. They’re always delicious. If you remember, I brought this dressing to dinner when Sharon and the girls were visiting last summer.


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