Must haves for Me Time and April Fitness

Hey Readers!!

End of last month I made my way down to Florida with my husband, look out for that trip guide, and so I haven’t posted in a minute, but I’m back again and feeling well rested. March was a busy month for me, and I’m still not happy with my progress, or lack thereof, with my fitness goals for 2018. I want to say that it is despite my continuous efforts, but my efforts have been slightly lacking, so really it is in spite of them. None-the-less, I persist.

This month is my 1 year wedding anniversary with my husband, and I plan to spend a lot of my time with him, feeling the romance and checking in. I also plan to spend a lot of time of the next 90 days working on my energy stores and will power. This is a three part plan. Part one of this plan includes dragging my butt to the gym even when I don’t want to go, and keeping up with realistic goals. I’m still working on building my gym habit/lifestyle, and a big part of that is checking in to the gym consistently, pre-packing my gym bag, and not overloading myself. If I can slip in workouts at home or go on a walk that’s great, but I also need to be going to the gym at least three times a week including yoga.

Fresh & Colorful Fruits and Vegetables Free Stock Photo DownloadPart two of this plan regards my diet. I have been giving in to cravings left and right and generally not eating correctly the last few weeks. Despite my meal planning, and prepping, I’m not getting in my vegetables or my water, and eating too much processed food. Keeping the kitchen clean, let alone fully stocked, can often feel like a full time job. This month I’m planning “easier” meals, meaning easier to meal prep, and getting healthy snacks to keep around instead of the unhealthy ones that are so easy to grab and go. A block of cheese does not, a healthy snack, make. I will practice mindful eating to not overeat, and when I feel a compelling craving, I will tell myself that I will have it later to help myself forget about it.

Part three of my plan to increase my resilience and will power is to increase my energy. Studies have shown that when you are tired, hungry, or emotionally drained your willpower doesn’t stand a chance. To give myself a better fighting chance, I will gradually increase my meditation time from 3 minutes a day to 15 minutes a day, I will make sure to practice my self care and not overload myself. I will also make sure I get enough sleep, and take some mental breaks throughout my day. Another killer for willpower is having to make too many decisions in a day. To combat this I plan to reduce the number of decisions I have to make in a day, by planning ahead. If I plan out my outfits, meals, and activities ahead of time, that leaves more brain power for my daily decision making at work and for fun. Mostly, as an introvert, this means I need to make sure that I take time for me, to recharge and unwind. On Thursdays, this would be my yoga class, on weekends its my planning time, and daily is when I meditate and read.

Girl Reading a Book at Home Free Stock Photo DownloadWe can’t avoid our daily responsibilities, well, we can, but we shouldn’t, so it is important to make the most of the minutes we have to ourselves. I make the most of my me time by including a few key things:

A good book: I am currently reading Time of Death by J.D. Robb, a murder mystery cop novel with a vampire theme.

Comfy pants, or no pants really, whatever outfit makes me feel comfortable and warm.

A nice glass of wine or tea, right now I’m really enjoying Lady Grey tea, which I think tastes like fruit loops, but I’m always down for a lush and fruity red wine, or really any good wine.

Image result for husband pillow

I can’t relax without some back support, so i usually roll up a sweatshirt and stick it behind me. I really want one of those “husband” pillows like this one, they support your arms and your back for extra comfort.

Finally, in order to really relax into some me time I need either music, ideally Hanson, or tv for background noise

Making sure I take the time to recharge at least a little each day will be important to keep up my motivation for all of my goals, not just my fitness goals. As it stands, this is my main focus for the month. As i mentioned before, I still intend to get to the gym at least 3 times a week, and I am still working on eating right and reducing the stressors in my life. I will be following the same workout schedule that I posted in March, so check here for a free printable.

As promised here are my continued progress stats.

Starting                                             Current

Weight: 227 lbs                                Weight: 229 lbs

Waist: 40.5”                                       Waist: 40.5″

Butt: 47.75”                                         Butt: 47.75″

Arms: 14.5”                                        Arms: 14.5″

Thigh: 29”                                          Thighs: 29″

Lifting Avg: 30 lbs                             Lifting Avg: 35 lbs