The Circle by Dave Eggers

The Circle by Dave Eggers

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I finally saw this movie the other day and wanted to review the book for you all. The Circle by Dave Eggers was on my 2017 reading list for the categories: a book that’s becoming a movie in 2017 and a book recommended by an author you love. I originally learned of the book when Emma Watson, my favorite, was tapped to be the lead actress in the screenplay. Per my usual style, I did not read anything whatsoever about the book before I borrowed it from Overdrive, my libraries online database, but I was not disappointed. I was listening to this book when the movie hit Amazon Prime, but had yet to see it until a few weeks ago. When I started my new role, I saw my dual screen set up, and immediately thought back to this book, and the eerie feeling I got thinking of the ways screens, social media, and advertising are gradually taking over our lives. Continue reading


Nixon Chicken Casserole

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I am so excited about this post today. Growing up in my household, food was a big thing. My dad was a chef and so there was always good food on the table. My favorite things were his chicken and dumplings recipe, Caesar Salad (which I’ve talked about many times before), and Nixon Chicken Casserole. Today I am going to share with you my family Nixon Chicken Casserole recipe. In other parts of the world you may see this called Chicken Divan, however there are subtle differences. Continue reading

The Faults in Our Wine

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I’ve come across a few faulted wines lately in my adventure around town and even at home. This sparked a discussion with my husband and a few less experienced industry friends about different wine faults, what causes them, and how to spot them. Since even those closest to me have questions about this This will be a coursey glance with a few tips and descriptions and even possible resolutions if you come across one of these uglies. Continue reading

Bullet Journal Series: Daily Logs

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It’s been a minute since I’ve posted about my Bullet Journal so I figured it was time for the next post in this series. We’ve covered the general concept and Future Logs before. Another important component in Bullet Journal is the daily log or tracker. Now you can do this however you like, or more correctly, however suits you best. Continue reading

The Complete Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi

The Complete Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi

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This week I am reviewing a book that changed my perceptions. This isn’t something I get to say often. I learn a little something from every book I read, and I by no means would ever consider myself a racist or anything of the sort. I am well traveled, well-educated, and a peace studies major for goodness sake, but we are all impact by the people we meet over our lives. Aside from one of my best friends from my youth, I don’t have a ton of experience with Iranian people. Based on the news we are exposed to here in the U.S., and the literature I have exposed myself to through my Jewish heritage, my perceptions had been a bit skewed. I was less sympathetic when I heard something happened “in that neck of the woods” than I would have been if they were over a sea in Israel or over an ocean in South Africa. This book helped me to realize that prejudice in myself and to adjust it. Continue reading

Alchohol Free, Caffeine Free: How does that happen

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I was wandering through the grocery store the other day, and was drawn to the wine department, as per usual. While gazing across the lovely multitude of labels I saw something that sparked my curiosity. A brand called Fre was touting alcohol free wine. I know that decaffeinated coffee is a thing, I use it at home when I’m entertaining, as well as decaf teas, but it got me thinking. How do companies suck the “good stuff” out of these products? I did some research, and came up with some interesting answers. Continue reading

My Relationship

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Sometimes in life we get lucky, and the universe is on our side for a moment. That’s how I feel when I look back on my life with my husband. Sure, we fight and bicker, but I have grown so much just through knowing him. It has been almost a year now since we were married and I’ve learned a few things in this time. Continue reading