March Fitness Goals

Hey Readers!

I focused on myself a lot in February, as I had been feeling very overwhelmed with life and its many expectations. I took time to go to the gym, got back into my yoga practice, and spent a lot of time enjoying my books and my husband. It was rejuviating, but now I’m back and ready to share my motivation with you!

At the end of January I switched gym memberships. I had been at Planet Fitness, which I loved because of the flexibility and variety of machines, as well as the perks. Now, I am at ACAC, a local gym chain that is owned by the same family as my employer. ACAC not only has tons of locations and machines, but they have pools, personal trainers, dieticians, and a huge variety of classes. I have been a member with ACAC a variety of times, but could never afford there standard membership prices. Since my husband cancelled his membership at Planet Fitness at the same time, I can now afford to go to my favorite fitness center.

In February, I focused on getting back into the habit, I had taken such a long break from November to January, that I really needed to ease myself back into it, as well as adjust to the new options. With my arrangement through work, I am required to go 8 times per month in order to keep my discount, which is another level to my motivation. So this past month I squeaked by with my 8 visits, but that won’t really push me towards success weight loss and fitness goals, so in March I hope to go 3 times a week, which would be a total of 12 times. This is a pretty standard goal, and with the option of locations all along my normal bus route, plus my weekly yoga class, this should be easy to accomplish.

I am not changing up my exercises this month like I normally do, partly because I am sticking to a plan I worked out with a personal trainer, partly because the exercises are still challenging me, but I do want to share this one with you. It’s very similar to previous workouts we’ve done. It’s still H.I.T.T style though you can run through the exercises one by one if you wish. You can use machines or free weights or resistance bands, so lots of flexibility with this as well. If you have any questions about alternate exercises, or how to translate this plan to an at home workout let me know below!

Here is my exercise plan for March follow along with March Fitness Plan, or share with me some of your favorite exercises!MarchFittPOst

As promised here are my continued progress stats.

Starting                                     Current

Weight: 227 lbs                       Weight:  228 lbs

Waist: 40.5”                                  Waist: 40.5″

Butt: 47.75”                                     Butt: 47.75″

Arms: 14.5”                                 Arms: 14.5″

Thigh: 29”                                  Thighs: 29″

Lifting Avg: 30lbs                     Lifting Avg: 35 lbs

This month I am also focusing on drinking 8-8 oz servings of water per day. Eating at least 2 full servings of vegetables per day and skipping meat once a week. What are some of your healthy goals for March? How are your fitness goals progressing? I would love to hear from you below or email me at