December fitness challenge

I have been so bad this past month! I think I went to the gym a total of three, maybe four, times and I exercised once at home. The scale is certainly showing me the effects of my laziness, too. Not surprised to be honest, considering everything that was going on last month, but I should be more driven to reach my goals. With Christmas around the corner, and the cold season coming upon us quickly, I know I’m not going to find any more external motivation than I had last month. This month is all up to me, my heart, my drive, and my dedication. I also started a new job this week which does not make my time anymore flexible. I could say screw it and give myself the month off and “restart” with a resolution to do better next year, but I don’t really believe in “New Year Resolutions.” I’d also much rather get a jump on any fitness goals now, before the gyms get packed for the next few months.

All of that being said, I put together a comprehensive, but quick exercise plan for this month. If you have weights or resistance bands at home you can do most of the exercises at home, if you have the drive. I apparently have to go into a gym, or I won’t work out at all. You can also break this on into more sections if you only have say, 30 minutes to workout instead of an hour per day. Without further ado, here is December Fitness Plan

Screenshot (16)

As promised here are my continued progress stats.

Starting                                                                            Current

Weight: 227 lbs                                                           Weight: 226 lbs

Waist: 40.5”                                                                          Waist: 41″

Butt: 47.75”                                                                           Butt: 48″

Arms: 14.5”                                                                        Arms: 15.5″

Thigh: 29”                                                                        Thighs: 29″

Lifting Avg: 30lbs                                                       Lifting Avg: 30 lbs