Favorite Fall Recipes

Hey Readers!

With the largest American food holiday right around the corner, and fall well upon us, I wanted to share with you some of my favorite fall recipes. When the temperatures start to get a bit cooler and the nights a bit longer, I tend to turn to hearty stews and savory pastas. I also prefer to use in-season vegetables. It’s good for the environment and I feel like they taste better too.

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Even though it is the end of harvest season there is still a ton of produce that is specifically in season this time of year.

Stone fruits and berries may be out of season, but there are still plenty of ways to bring In season sweetness to your dinner table. In season fall fruits include; apples, cranberries, figs, grapes (fresh or fermented ;)), limes, pear, persimmons, pomegranates, and quinces. If you can’t bear to be without your favorite tropical fruits try adding dried mango or pineapple to a dish, and fresh frozen is also always an option.

For those who love salads, don’t despair, most of your leafy greens are actually at their best in the fall season, and there are tons of root veggies to choose from to dress them up. Late season green beans are even sweeter than those harvested in the summer, especially when tossed with bacon and dill. Vegetables best harvested in fall are:

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Now that you know what things are in season, here are some of my favorite ways to use them.

pumpkin yeast rolls.jpg

It may seem basic, but I love a good pumpkin roll. When the fluffy flaky bread of a yeast roll meets the subtle spice and nutty flavor of pumpkin muffins nothing could go wrong in the world. This is a staple at my thanksgiving table, but they’re easy enough to make year round. You can either eat them as a side or you can turn them into sandwiches. Find the Recipe here.




As I mentioned before, stew has a constant place in my home at fall, and I recently made a stew with Andouille sausage, Kale, and Potatoes that was brothy but hearty and surprisingly satisfying. I even made some honey wheat bread to go with it for that extra something. I used a chicken andouille sausage that I found at Costco, but you could use any sausage with a touch of heat.



In the summer I love to make Kraft Mac and Cheese because it is fast and goes great with everything I have left over in my fridge. In the fall, I’m not always so on the go, and I have a little more time to devote to my kitchen crafting. A few years ago I tried butternut squash lasagna, and though it takes a little bit more effort, it is entirely worth it. I found this recipe from buzzfeed and I can’t get enough. Add a touch more nutmeg and a hint of cayenne pepper and paprika on top before you bake it for just the right hint of spice.

The one thing I tend to miss in the fall is grilling out. I don’t have a grill at my apartment, but my best friend does and so does my mother, so in the summer we tend to cook out a lot. In the fall and winter months I find braised meats to be a fair compromise and spare ribs are where its at. My step father introduced me to braised short ribs my first year home after college. He would take short ribs, pan sear them, and then let them cook on low in Dr. Pepper for hours. The whole house smelled amazing and he would serve them in a big bowl with mashed potatoes, home made gravy and I would make my brussel sprouts. They bring back great memories, and now that he’s gone, it’s my job to carry on the tradition. Here is a recipe that I like to use when the mood strikes me. I don’t have a picture of this one, so you will just hve to take my word for it.

What are some of your favorite fall foods or go tos? Do you love to make casseroles in the fall, I feel like that is a pretty common trend. I’d love to hear your favorite fall recipe, and maybe even try it myself, so send it to me below or email me at cherrieschocolateanddirt@gmail.com.