Wine About Town

Hey Everybody!

The first week of the new year, do you have any big plans?  I know I will be keeping busy, kicking my resolutions in to high gear and spending extra time on work and my health to try to build good habits.Also, My mother comes home this week from Africa! I am so excited to see her after three weeks and to finally get to celebrate my engagement with the most important woman in my life. (<3 you mom!)

On top of my personal goals and excitements this week, I also have two events planned.

On Friday 1/8 I will be pouring 5 wines at In Vino Veritas from 4pm to 7pm. We will be comparing Old world and New World focusing on Argentina and Italy with some native varietals and blends.

On Saturday 1/9 I will be pouring the Cannonau Di Sardegna and another wine at the Kroger in Forest Virginia from 2pm-5pm. This event was cancelled due to a family emergency, sorry for all who had intended to attend.

I hope you will come out and taste with me!