New Year’s Resolutions: Drink More Wine!

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Hey Everyone!

Hope your New Year is starting off on the right foot. I don’t know about you but I’m still digging my claws into my goals for the new year. The first few weeks of building a new habit are always the hardest for me. Every year I vow to change my ways and lose weight, this year I’m lucky to have some secondary motivation: A Wedding!! I’ve never been one to lose weight for cosmetic reasons, it has always been about health, and with marriage in my immediate future, I am even more preoccupied with my longevity and spending as many years as possible with the love of my life. (Sorry I know its Sappy, but it’s TRUE!!)

Every other year I’ve tried to lose weight by cutting out foods, and it has never worked. This year, I figured I would try another approach, everything in moderation. I have had plenty of girl friends over the years insist on diets of exclusion, “don’t eat ____*” (*Insert fad villain food of the day), and they almost always included alcohol. I know with my job that abstaining from alcohol isn’t a viable option, what good is a study on wine if you aren’t actually studying every aspect of it after all. So, instead, this year, I will plan out my meals and exercise ahead of time, and I will make sure to include calories for alcohol. I will pack snacks so I don’t feel the need to grab fast food, and I will also plan calorie cushions for treats and exceptions; i.e., birthday parties and chocolate cravings.

One thing I am excited for is the multitude of medical studies suggesting that a glass of red wine a night is healthy. There have been studies linking resveratrol, phenolic compounds, and other as of yet unidentified properties of wine to reduced risks for cancers, diabetes, heart disease, vascular and thyroid problems and even Parkinson’s disease. If nothing else this is a guilt free excuse to continue pouring myself a glass of red wine at the end of my day to help me unwind.

Over the last few years there have been more than a handful of articles written about specific foods and beverages attributed with aiding increased longevity. These products tend to be Aviary Photo_130966089141443814found in regions known as blue zones which Wikipedia defines as “a concept used to identify a demographic and/or geographic area of the world where people live measurably longer lives.” One product in particular would be a wine known as Cannonau Di Sardegna, also named black wine and Grenache Noir. Technically Garnacha this wine is imbibed daily with almost every meal on the Italian island of Sardinia. Studies have shown that Cannonau has the highest amounts of resveratrol and polyphenols of any other consumable product, alluding to its age-defying benefits.

If you want to start your health goals of on the spirited foot this year, grab the Bellamico Cannonau Di Sardegna at your local wine shop or Kroger for around $12 a bottle. Pair this wine with pecorino sard, a cheese known for its ability to dissolve arterial plaque build-up, and carta musica, a thin, whole what bread heavy in fiber and vitamin D, almonds, fava beans, and fresh fruits and vegetables for a balanced Sardinia diet.

What are your resolutions this year? Are you trying to lose weight, or simply increase your longevity through healthy activity and diet changes? What other goals do you have for the new year? Tell me below, and as always, questions comments and recommendations are greatly appreciated.

Happy Sipping!