Wine About Town

Hey Readers!

Hope you’re having a great January!

We saw our first real snow fall yesterday, and, even though it didn’t stick, it certainly got me into a winter-y mood. I love enjoying a warming glass of red wine while watching snow fall. It just feels right. Continue reading


Wine About Town

Hey Readers!

How is your January going? Are you still working towards your resolutions, or have you given up already? Continue reading

So you want to be a wine snob

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Hey Readers!

We’ve been talking a bit about resolutions and starting the new year off right by really setting obtainable goals, so I figured I would talk a bit about something that I’m asked about a lot at events. How I gained my wine knowledge; i.e.. Knowing the details about varietals, specific wines and vineyards, and being able to pull out flavors on both the nose and palate of a product. Continue reading

Wine About Town

Hey Everybody!

The first week of the new year, do you have any big plans?  I know I will be keeping busy, kicking my resolutions in to high gear and spending extra time on work and my health to try to build good habits.Also, My mother comes home this week from Africa! I am so excited to see her after three weeks and to finally get to celebrate my engagement with the most important woman in my life. (<3 you mom!) Continue reading

New Year’s Resolutions: Drink More Wine!

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Hey Everyone!

Hope your New Year is starting off on the right foot. I don’t know about you but I’m still digging my claws into my goals for the new year. The first few weeks of building a new habit are always the hardest for me. Continue reading

Happy New Year. New Year, Renewed Focus

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Happy New Year Everyone!

I hope your festivities were grand, mine were fantastic. So much so that I lost track of time and forgot to schedule my blog posts! I’m making up for that now!

At the beginning of a new year, I always like to take time to review what has happened in the last twelve months and set goals for the future. This past year has been exceptionally difficult for me, but has also held a ton of huge success, accomplished goals, and new beginnings.

I started this blog back in March, and have really enjoyed working on it. I have enjoyed learning new things, embracing my inner geek, and being able to share and experience this exploration with readers who I’ve gotten to meet in person! I also met quite a few of my goals at work and grew on that front as well. I was given the opportunity to create a Newsletter, and the opportunity to relearn basic html. Now that both of those have gotten off the ground on the work side of things, I look forward to incorporating them more into my blog as well.

These things are great and fantastic and they go a long way to helping offset the terrible losses my family and I have faced this year, having lost both my Father and my Horse in such a short period of time, and the car accident with which we are still dealing. If it weren’t for my friends and other responsibilities I’m not sure how my year would have ended.

At the changing of the years, I am left with many more fantastic things to look forward to. Over the holiday season, my boyfriend of over two years proposed, and I am so excited to spend the rest of my life with him. Another year is starting with my company and there are many exciting changes on the horizon there with the Newsletter just launching and new products coming in every week. And with my blog, I am excited to incorporate new skills and aspects of my other passions here as well, with book reviews, recipes, photography and yoga. I hope you will continue to learn and explore the beautiful world of wine and food with me this coming year.

Happy Sipping!