Red Wine and Gingersnaps

Hey readers!

Hope your Winter holidays are going well!

This time of year there is one thing I truly enjoy indulging in, and that is Red wine with cookies. I know the typical pairing is milk, but with all of the spiced cookies and cookie swaps going on, I can’t imagine anything better than crunchy gingersnap cookies and rich fruit red wine. My favorite combination is homemade gingersnap cookies, and the Criss Cross Petite Sirah. The Criss Cross line is from Lodi, California and is sustainably produced which always makes me feel better about how I spend my money. I’m not sure exactly what makes these two items such a great pair, but the cookies completely change the flavor composition of the wine.

On its own, the Petite Sirah is heavy, but very lush with stewed berries and red stone fruit notes. It even has a hint of pepper and earthiness toward the finish. After just a nibble of ginger cookies the wine completely opens up into bright red fruit like raspberry and cranberry, even hints of pomegranate. I can still find the earthiness but now it is more of a tobacco leaf flavor than the previous soil or stone qualities. I’ve also heard from my boss and others who have tried the same experiment that ginger cookies compliment many red wines, and whites as well.

Give it a try and tell me what you think! Do you have another favorite holiday treat pairing? As always, comments, questions, and recommendations are welcome, so please comment below!

Happy Sipping!