National Sangria Day

Hey Everybody!

Hope you’re having a great holiday season!!

Today is National Sangria Day, so I wanted to share with you my Favorite Sangria, but first, a little history. 

Sangria is often seen as a symbol of Spain, but in reality it was a creation of the Roman invasion. As the Roman legions made their way across the Iberian peninsula, they planted vineyards to help cleans the water with the wine they would make from them. Often times the beverage became a mixture of mediocre wine, spices, and water ending with a sanguine or bloody color, hence the name Sangria. 

Around 1964, during the world’s fair in Chicago, Sangria was served to guests at the Pavilion of Spain, and since then it has taken off across the country, far more than it ever did in Spain. 

Recently, my company has procured a FANTASTIC Boxed Spanish Sangria. The wine is produced in Extremadura Spain with a Monastrell base and Natural fruit juices used as sweeteners and flavorings. I am not personally a huge fan of sweet wines or sangria, but this wine is fantastic. Look for it in Kroger stores near you. 

If you can’t find a sangria you like to celebrate today. Try making one! All you need is a bottle of wine, white or red, some frozen fruit, some brandy, and some ice! 

Happy Sipping!