National “I Love Honey” Day

Hey Everybody!

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Hope you’re having a great week. Today is a special day which should end your week on a sweet notes! It’s National “I Love Honey” Day! Honey is one of the many food products that is directly effected by terroir. Honey is made by bees from flower nectar using natural evaporation in beehives. The specific flavor of the honey is impacted by the plant they draw the nectar from. There are over 300 varietals of honey including clover, wild flower, alfalfa. Honey is also known to have a variety of curative properties. Honey is a natural Humectant, meaning it naturally attracts and retains moisture. It also has antimicrobial properties so its great to add to cleaning products or to take mixed with other curatives (like green tea and lemon juice) to fight seasonal colds.  

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I highly recommend trying a warm pot of tea tonight with some of mother earth’s natural sweetener; Honey!

Happy Sipping!


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