National Vinegar Day

Hey Again!

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Wine About Town

Hey All!

Hope you had a fantastic Christmas Holiday. I had a great time with my boyfriends family in Richmond, and can’t wait for New Year’s Eve this week. We already talked about Sparkling wines, so I hope you have yours line up. I will be making some last minute recommendations if you haven’t and showing you how to properly open a bottle of sparkling wine this week.

Also, I do have one tasting at the Kroger in the Rio Hill Shopping center in Charlottesville, Va on 12/31 New Year’s Eve. We will be tasting out sparkling wines and some others, so I hope you can stop by.

Happy Sipping!

Red Wine and Gingersnaps

Hey readers!

Hope your Winter holidays are going well!

This time of year there is one thing I truly enjoy indulging in, and that is Red wine with cookies. I know the typical pairing is milk, but with all of the spiced cookies and cookie swaps going on, I can’t imagine anything better than crunchy gingersnap cookies and rich fruit red wine. My favorite combination is homemade gingersnap cookies, and the Criss Cross Petite Sirah. The Criss Cross line is from Lodi, California and is sustainably produced which always makes me feel better about how I spend my money. I’m not sure exactly what makes these two items such a great pair, but the cookies completely change the flavor composition of the wine.

On its own, the Petite Sirah is heavy, but very lush with stewed berries and red stone fruit notes. It even has a hint of pepper and earthiness toward the finish. After just a nibble of ginger cookies the wine completely opens up into bright red fruit like raspberry and cranberry, even hints of pomegranate. I can still find the earthiness but now it is more of a tobacco leaf flavor than the previous soil or stone qualities. I’ve also heard from my boss and others who have tried the same experiment that ginger cookies compliment many red wines, and whites as well.

Give it a try and tell me what you think! Do you have another favorite holiday treat pairing? As always, comments, questions, and recommendations are welcome, so please comment below!

Happy Sipping!

Great Wines for Christmas Dinner

Hey Readers!

Hope you’re doing well, having collected all of your gifts and maybe even started distributing a few of them as well. Christmas is only days away, and my favorite part, as with all holidays, is the food. When my father was around, he would always cook a fantastic, but low key dinner on Christmas eve, a huge breakfast in the morning, and then a delicious dinner with prime rib and all of the fixings.

This year, we are spending thanksgiving with my boyfriends family, and I’m not at all sure what that means for breakfast, dinner, or anything in between. I am however, prepared for anything, at least as far as the wine goes.

If there is Red meat, we will have a Paranoia Cabernet, cheap enough that I don’t feel guilty picking one up on the fly, and dense and rich enough to completely wipe out any residual guilt for spending even more money after the spending spree of a December I have had. I will also bring the Altas Cumbres Malbec, because it is a great red wine for relaxing and sipping on, which will inevitably happen on Christmas Eve when we watch holiday movies.

I also recommend a chardonnay or French style Sauvignon Blanc, I’ve been informed that some families bring out turkey again for Christmas, which pairs beautifully with the rich bodies of Chardonnay or the bright acidity and minerality of a French Sancerre (usually made with Sauvignon Blanc) or even a Vouvray. A couple of options in this field would be the Talinay Sauvignon Blanc, highly recommended for holiday imbibing, or the Cairdean Unoaked Chardonnay which is simply fantastic. The Talinay is from Chile, but tastes almost identical to Sancerre, with complex citrus flavors and intense minerality, due to identical soil composition and similar climate. The Cairdean Chardonnay maintains the heavier weight of a Napa Chardonnay with out the buttery, oily, or woody flavors.

Two more wines that will probably come with me for the holiday are a rose, and a sparkling wine. Rose is great with such a wide variety of foods, especially pork and poultry, that it feels like a great safe option, and the one from Veleta vineyards in Granada, Spain has only 30 parts per billion of sulfites, so if anyone is sensitive they will be able to enjoy it too. Sparkling of course has well earned its right at any table and will be in my morning glass for orange juice. I will most likely be enjoying the Altas Cumbres Extra brut (made in the methode tradicionelle), which is Dry and toasty but not overtly so and still maintains some beautiful complexity for only twelve dollars a bottle.

So, there are my recommendations! I would love to hear yours and your christmas menu to know what you’re pairing with. As always, if you have any questions, comments, or recommendations feel free to comment below!

Happy Sipping!

First Day of Winter!

Happy Winter Everyone!

It may not feel like it, but according to the Calendar to day is the first day of winter. I can not wait for the first snow fall this year, though I have a feeling it is very far off. I’m certainly not expecting a white Christmas though it would be lovely. For the seasonal drinkers out there, its time to break into your heaviest reds so get ready. I highly recommend the Valle Las Nencias Reserva Blend, which should be hitting shelves near you soon as well as the Primeras Vinas Malbec and Cabernet Sauvignon. All three of these wines come from Mendoza Argentina, which is enjoying primarily warmer weather right now. Both the Primears Vinas Malbec and Cab both use fruit from vines over 100 years old! Talk about depth.

Enjoy your winter wines!

Happy Sipping!

Wine About Town

Hey all

It’s Christmas week! Can you believe it? It certainly snuck up on me. Aside from all of the fun that Christmas week holds on its own, I do have one event this week.

On Monday December 21st (Today) I will be pouring some lovely wines at Rebecca’s Natural Foods in Charlottesville, Virginia from 2pm to 5pm. Come by and taste with me.

Have a happy holiday!