How To: Wine Bottle Tags

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Wine Bottle Tags

I have a really fun craft project for you today. With the holidays around the corner and my apartment full of wine bottles in varying degrees of fullness, I decided to make a fall sign for my apartment. First you will need to collect the number of bottles you want for your sign, and remove their labels, as well as a few other supplies (all of which can be found at Michael’s craft stores).

Step one: Measure your Tags

You want the Card Stock to peak outDSCN0016 (2)_picmonkeyed from underneath the chalkboard tag just enough that you can see the color and have the thin ribbon framing it as well. I usually add 3/4 of an inch to the height and width of the chalkboard tag to the card stock cut. My pieces for about 3″ x 2.5″ So I made my Card Stock pieces 3.75″ x 3.15″. I do not recommend eye-balling it unless you’re a savant. Make sure to Measure.

Step two: Glue.Attach the contrast ribbon
Glue the Chalk Board Tags to the cut card stock pieces. Then using very small amounts of glue (just drips really) start gluing the thin ribbon to the card stock. I would put the first dot a little ways down the left side to give room for overlap, and then hit every corner, making sure to twist over hand at the corners. It creates a nice frame.
Step 3: Create a ruffle.
Creating a ruffleThis was easily the most difficult and most boring part of this project for me. (I guess I like gluing things) That said, it isn’t really that hard. You just fold and flip, fold and flip, fold, and flip, until you’re done. The tightness of your ruffle depends on the tightness of your fold and that is all up to you. I opted for a tighter fold and then let it loosen as I molded it around my tag. Once the ruffle has been created, start gluing it to the BACK of the tags. It should look something like this. Again I started a bit down a side to give room for over lap. I prefer pretty corners to perfect edging, and edges are easier to fluff for some reason.

Step 4: Attach it.Attach the components

Use what ever you’d like to tie it to your bottle and connect it however you think looks best. I like to slip the string through the whole in the chalk board tag, but you could also glue it to the back. I attach it to the bottle by wrapping it up the neck, which looks nice and cozy.

You’re signs are almost done.

fall6_picmonkeyedNow you just have to write what you want it to say. I did a letter per tag. These tags also make a great gift tag for the holiday season, and not just for wine bottles.


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