How To: Remove Wine Labels From Wine Bottles

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So, I think I know why you’re here today. You want to learn how to remove wine labels from wine bottles in a quick, clean, and label safe manner. Perfect! I can teach you.

Step 1: Empty the wine bottles.DSCN0006 (2)_picmonkeyed

Through whichever method you choose, drinking it, cooking with it, (gasp) pouring it out, or acquiring already emptied bottles from your local dining establishments; the first goal is to collect empty wine bottles. You will need as many as you want, plus a few extra in case of mistakes.

Step 2: Rinse the Wine bottles.

For this step, I recommend using a funnel to protect the label. (unless you aren’t trying to preserve the labels for future projects) Pour in hot water, swirl it around, and then pour it back out. Ta-da. Clean.

Step 3: Boil some water.

DSCN0002 (3)_picmonkeyedYou will need as much water as will fill the bottle to a point above both the front and back labels. I used a tea kettle because it was easy to pour from, but I could only fill two bottles at a time. You can use whatever you have that you feel comfortable pouring from, including microwave safe containers if you don’t have access to a stove top.

Steps 4 and 5: Pour and Wait.

Using that funnel again, carefully pour the boiling water into the wine bottles. The bottles should be filled above the labels. Now, we wait. The heat from the hot water will melt the glue, allowing the labels to be removed after about 5-10 minutes. The longer you wait the better your success will be. Also, the slower you pull the better chances you have of a complete and unaltered label. Try lifting an entire side and then pulling in one constant direction (not folding because that can cause tearing).

Step 6: Remove any residual sticky.

Using your preferred method of sticky substance removal, removal all sticky substances remaining on the bottles. I used Goo Gone. Be sure to rinse the outside of the bottles afterward with soap and water.

Step 7: Craft On!

Your bottles are ready, your corks are ready, and perhaps even your labels are ready for whatever projects your mind can dream up, so get crafting!


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