Like any hand crafted thing, wine is not infallible. There are thousands of things that can potentially go wrong at any step of the process from planting to enjoyment. It would be nearly impossible to predict perfection or failure in situations like these, so wine makers and other artisans, must learn to adapt, covering up mistakes like smudges of fresh paint. However, some problems can not be masked of remedied.

Bloggers have much the same problem. We can anticipate busy seasons, time away from our computers, and even ailments like the flu or writer’s block, but some set backs are more severe. In those instances all that can be offered is an apology. This is what I offer to you, my readers, now. (if you still exist)

In June, I promised an exciting experiment, and I failed to deliver: anything. I had good reason, but had not felt able to share that until now.Victor-Apologies

On June, 21st, 2015, father’s day, my step-father lost his battle with liver cancer. He had been diagnosed just before the 2014 holiday season, shortly after returning from a long and eventful trip to Italian Wine Country with my mother. He had always had a particular palate. He would try almost anything; food or beverage, but he was certain and consistent about his preferences. He had encouraged me with this project, as he had in many others, and after his death it was difficult to do anything creative. It was also difficult to relax around alcohol. There has been a history of alcoholism in my family on my biological father’s side for generations, and since he left I have sworn not to continue those patterns, so I abstained. (It’s very difficult to write about wine if you don’t drink it)

I opted to heal in more therapeutic ways; like, fostering kittens, caring for my self, and giving time to my family and my community. I took time to recenter myself and better understand my relationship with alcohol, particularly with the aid of al-anon literature. It seems to have worked. I don’t believe anyone can ever truly heal the wounds of loss, but at a certain point life and living regain their importance. I promise to return to regular programming next week, but before I do; one last thing.

In memory of my step-father, I want to share two wines with you. Both of these are Zonin products and they were his favorites.

IMG_4223<– Barboursville Chianti Classico_Castello dAlbola_Bottle ShotClassic 2012 Cabernet Sauvignon: Great for rocking out on the keyboard with one hand and mixing sound with the other.

Castello D’Albola –> Chianti Classico DOCG 2011: Perfect with home braised lamb shanks, mashed potatoes and family gathered around the table.


2 thoughts on “Apologies

  1. Ken Frager says:

    Beautiful sentiment and spectacularly written! Love you Jess!! So proud of who you’ve become and what you’ve accomplished.


  2. Attari says:

    Dearest Author, Issam and I were blessed to know you from your beginnings when your productions were gurgles. Imagine our delight in reading your most gifted prose.
    Now you are a gift to all. Thank you, Cora


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