Wine Around Town

Hey Readers,

No events coming up this week, but be on the look out. I have lots of events the first weekend of November throughout the state of Virginia, and many more new things coming your way.

I will be posting some seasonal pairing suggestions on #WineWednesday so keep an eye out for that as well.

P.S. I will be attending the Hogsmead in Scottsville event in Scottsville, VA on Saturday 10/31 which should be a blast. If you’re a Harry Potter fan and in the area, you should definitely come check it out.


How To: Pumpkin Trivet

Hey Readers!

[Update: Photos are up]

Here is another great holiday project for you for fall, this time using all of your left over corks. With just a few materials and some creativity you can create a cute holiday decoration that doubles as a safe place to rest hot pots and pans.

Finished product from my trivet project.

Finished product from my trivet project.

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How To: Wine Bottle Tags

Hey Readers!

[Update: Photos are here]

Wine Bottle Tags

I have a really fun craft project for you today. With the holidays around the corner and my apartment full of wine bottles in varying degrees of fullness, I decided to make a fall sign for my apartment. First you will need to collect the number of bottles you want for your sign, and remove their labels, as well as a few other supplies (all of which can be found at Michael’s craft stores). Continue reading

Enjoy the Season, Reuse your bottles!

Heading in to fall with all of its beautiful colors and smells reminds me of my love for our planet, and I usually feel a renewed desire to bring those colors inside and renew my efforts to participate in the three R’s [reduce, reuse, recycle].FALL DIY

Now I have more than my fair share of empty or partially empty wine bottles hanging around my tiny apartment, and I’ve been seeking out ways to limit how many of these make their way to the dumpster. I’ve included two ways I reuse my bottles or corks as well as a way to remove labels from bottles that can preserve the label for other projects, as well as some other ideas that I really like and found on Pinterest.

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#WineWednesday has returned!

Hey Readers!

Sunday I explained why I have been AWOL for the last few months, but that doesn’t mean I have forgotten what I promised in my last post; great examples of wines that exceed expectations for their varietal. With some of the varietals I mentioned; rose wines, and¬†Americanized¬†Rieslings, it isn’t too hard to exceed¬†expectations because standards are set so low, however, I have found more than a few exceptional examples, and I actually had to deliberate a bit. I think I have chosen well, so read on!
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Wine About Town

This week I am starting a new weekly post, letting you know where and when you can meet me to talk about and try wine! With my job I am constantly hosting events at a variety of locations around the state, and I am happy to share these events with you!

So, this week I will be pouring wine at two Kroger stores (grocery stores).

On Friday 10/23 I will be at Kroger #239 in Charlottesville, VA from 3pm – 6pm showcasing a brand new line-up from Spain called Finca Hispana.

On Saturday 10/24 I will be at Kroger # in Bonsack, Va from 2pm – 5pm showcasing a variety of wines including a 90 point rated red blend from Viniterra Vineyard in Mendoza Argentina and talking about the health benefits of red wine.

I hope you will join me and if you do please make yourself known!