Varietal and Color

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I had a conversation recently about wine and color, particularly White Zin’s and pink Pinot Grigio, and it got me thinking. We’ve already discussed what causes the color of a wine, (a combination of grape color, skin contact during fermentation, barrel aging, chemicals present in the fruit and boiling down to heighten color concentration) but how does the specific varietal come in to play?

I’ve shown you examples of varietals whose color is directly impacted by the varietal, like Nebbiolo with its beautiful golden rim, and we’ve discussed how hues are effected by grape skins, particularly in white wines. But, I think it’s time to dive into the wold of pink, ruby and orange to find out how they’ve come to be their unique and beautiful selves.  Continue reading


Style vs Styles

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Earlier this week, we discussed some trends in wine and wine making. Today, I have a couple examples to accentuate what I was talking about, particularly with harvest methods, but I’m also going to go into a couple of popular wine styles right now and try to tie it all together for you. 

First, lets address this sweet wine business. Continue reading

Fashionable Wine

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Sorry for the short hiatus, I needed a little break. I ran (walked) the Rugged Maniac 5k this past weekend and had a lot of events last week, but I’m back now and ready for action!

So, over the last few months we’ve talked about all of the aspects that determine the appearance of wine and food, how they are created, what they can and cannot tell us about the things we ingest, and why any of that matters. Next, we are going to get into how things smell and all of the scientific, artistic and personal aspects of the nose, but not today. Before we dive full on back into science I wanted to talk a bit about production styles, and trends in wine.  Continue reading