Sexy Summer Wine: Stains and Legs ;)

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Happy #WineWednesday!

So this week we’ve been talking about extract and legs. On Sunday, we talked about what these concepts mean, particularly in relation to wine and food, and where they come from. Today, I have some photo examples with wine and other beverages. Continue reading


Extract, Staining, Legs and Tears

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So this week I wanted to focus on what is probably the most confusing aspect of the sensory exploration sheet, at least for me: extract, staining, legs, and tears. When I see these four words I immediately think of: vanilla extract, staining furniture, sexy legs, and crying tears. Obviously, this is not what these things are referring to. To start understanding how wine experts apply these terms to wine, we must understand how the words relate to each other.

Clue number one, all four concepts come into play after the wine is swirled in the glass. Continue reading

Rim Variation, Gas Evidence, and Sediment: In Action

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So on Saturday we talked about rim variation, gas evidence, and sediment. Hopefully the information I shared answered any questions you had about how these characteristics come about in wine and food, but if not please comment below! 

Today I am going to give you a little evidence of these characteristics in wine. I feel super guilty because, while I did go to the Vertical Tasting at Barboursville Vineyard on 4/12, I got so caught up in the fun of tasting that I completely forgot to take any pictures!! Instead, I am going to show you some other wines that I’ve been quite fond of, and maybe you’ll feel inclined to explore them as well.  Continue reading

Rim Variation, Gas Evidence, and Sediment

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I have to be honest, I had pre-planned most of my post topics with very little consideration for possible events that would correlate with my subjects. To my surprise, so far this has definitely worked out in my favor!

This week I want to talk about Rim Variation, Gas Evidence, and Sediment. These are three very different topics with very different causes, so hopefully this flows well. If not, I’ll break it up. I have the fantastic opportunity to express two of these three topics with evidence from a vertical tasting I will be attending tomorrow at Barboursville Vineyards. Continue reading

Fun with Peppers!

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I had a lot of fun preparing this post for you, so I hope you enjoy.

On Sunday, we learned about where the colors of our foods come from, as well as their hues and concentration of these colors. I also talked a bit about how people make assumptions about foods based on these qualities. So far, I’ve referenced mostly wine, chocolate and coffee, so I figured this week I would talk about something from the product aisle.Colorful Bowl

Let’s talk about PEPPERS!! Continue reading

Concentration, Color, and Hue

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This week I am very excited to talk about color, concentration, and hue. Particularly what causes them, where they come from, and what they mean in relation to your food and beverages. 

The science of color has come up recently in social media, in particular reference to a very confusing dress, as well as recent studies on the visualization of the color blue versus the color green. Both of these references bring up very good questions regarding how we see and recognize color, as well as how it causes certain foods or beverages to take on their respective tones and shades. Continue reading